Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just another Tuesday

I swam 5000 yards this morning with the Y Masters Team and felt wiped out. The long swim on Sunday sucked the life force out of me, but I got up, got to the pool and did the workout. I'm a lot slower than the guys I swim with, but they're a fun bunch and I want to get in the most yardage I can, so I stick with the Blue group. Coach Gary Bredehoft has us organized into three teams: Red, White and Blue depending on our volume.

Today's morning menu:

1 x 1000 @ 18:00
Freestyle Mixed Warmup/Recovery - Zone 1 (EZ1) 300 Swim, 200 Drill, 300 Pull, 200 Kick
4 x 200 @ 03:20
Freestyle Pull Lactate Threshold - Zone 4 (LT1)
1 x 800 @ 13:30
Freestyle Swim Intensive Endurance - Zone 3 (EN3)
2 x 400 @ 07:00
Freestyle Pull Lactate Threshold - Zone 4 (LT1)
4 x 100 @ 03:00
Freestyle Kick Fins Aerobic Endurance - Zone 2 (EN2) 100 kick on Side Drill 100 dolphin Kick on Back 100 Freestyle Kick 100 Kick Choice
4 x 100 @ 02:00
Freestyle Drill Intensive Endurance - Zone 3 (EN3) Odd # - One Arm drill, right down, left back Even # - Catch Up Drill
2 x 200 @ 04:00
IM Stroke Swim Lactate Threshold - Zone 4 (LT1)
1 x 400 @ 07:00
Freestyle Mixed Cool Down/Recovery - Zone 1 (EZ2) (50 non-free/100 free, repeat)

I forgot the breakfast I had so lovingly prepared the night before. I suppose steelcut oatmeal will survive another day in the fridge. I thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast power sandwich and coffee with an extra shot of esspresso at Panera Bread. It's an expensive treat, but worth it once and awhile. I enjoy munching on a yummy egg sandwich I didn't have to prepare while perusing through Facebook updates on my phone.

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