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Most of us don't think about rehabilitation until a tragedy strikes - a car accident, a sudden stroke or some other event that leaves devastation and disability in its wake. Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska, provides specialized programs in brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke and pediatric rehabilitation, as well as rehabilitation for a wide variety of other conditions.

I have the privilege of working at Madonna, where I see patients with incredible drive and perseverance, striving every day to make improvements. Compassionate doctors, nurses and therapists use their expertise as a team to help each patient regain as much of their abilities as possible, both physical and cognitive, and reclaim their independence.

This type of rehabilitation literally changes lives. And it's expensive. Many insurance plans do not cover rehabilitation or only cover a week or two when someone may need months of inpatient rehab. The new technology and equipment needed for therapy can cost into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I've seen the amazing miracles of rehabilitation - a baby girl who was shaken by her daycare provider, rendered as weak and blind as a ragdoll. A teenager who loved hunting and sports, now a parapalegic learning to live with a wheelchair after a car accident. That little girl is now a first grader, walking on her own and playing games on her iPad. That teenager got married, handcycled across Kansas and produced a video.

I'm swimming to honor those who work hard every day in rehabilitation. Together, we celebrate the small steps that lead to big achievements.

Thank you very much for donating whatever you can to the Madonna Foundation. Your funds will help provide exceptional rehabilitation care to those who need it most!

All funds go directly to the Madonna Foundation and are not being used toward swim expenses.

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