Here are some helpful sites and books to help you learn more about marathon swimming:

Sites Channel Swimming Association for the lowdown on all things related to English Channel crossings The other English Channel Swimming Federation. Also a tremendous resource. - best spot on the Web to meet other open water swimmers and learn about training and events. - If you're not yet a Masters Swimmer, sign up! In Lincoln, we're LMAO (Lincoln Masters and Others). It's where all the cool kids hang out ;-) for all your swim gear for swim info and a link to the SSD you should always use in open water swims.

The Great Swim by Gavin Mortimer (This is what inspired me to even dream about an EC swim)

Dover Solo by Marcia Cleveland (Also a wonderfully kind and generous person)

Open Water Swimming by Penny Lee Dean

All of Lynn Cox's books

In Cold Water by Mike Humphreys

Suzie Dods

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