Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Feelin' the Love

I am one blessed swimmer. My English Channel attempt is a solo swim, but I'm hardly alone. I have a flotilla of support from my family and friends, including many friends I haven't met in person yet, but feel I know like neighbors or swim teammates on facebook. Say what you will about the evils of social media, but it's been a beloved source of training tips, silly jokes and wise counsel when things have been going tough.

Last week, a few of my peeps got together for a lovely send-off for the adventure. With glamorous goggles, a sparkling tiara swimcap, delicious snacks and lots of other kind and creative gifts, these dear friends made me feel like Queen of the Channel. Best of all -- I enjoyed an evening of laughter and great conversation, relaxing and enjoying the moment with those I know best. How often does that happen?! Not nearly enough.

And then my co-workers got into the act with a fantastic channel cheer party at work. Decorations, an ocean-themed cake and thoughtful gifts I really don't deserve, but was overjoyed to receive. Many thanks to my incredible Marketing-PR team: Tami, Joanne, Elie and Sarah!

It's humbling and a bit embarrassing to be at the center of attention, but I deeply appreciate the heartwarming support I've collected on this journey. I enjoy sharing the trials and triumphs of my crazy goal, but never expected it to be that big of a deal to others. It's not nearly as pretty as figure skating or gymnastics. Not as cool as mountain biking or triathlon. But, it's what I love to do. So, I guess I'll go do it! 

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  1. Are you gonna have a tracker? Will you post it here or on your FB?

    Good luck!