Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dover, Hollywood for Swimmers

After my long swim with Freda's bunch on Sunday, I met Marcy MacDonald from Connecticut, who just recently completed her 15th channel crossing. I was a bit dazed and reeling from the swim, but had enough sense to say hello and mention that my friend Kris Rutford shared his congrats with her for her successful swim. Marcy asked if I'd be swimming in the morning and said she'd be glad to join me. For reals? This made me forget about my nausea and look forward to the next swim.

I met Marcy on Monday morning and we chatted about the Channel and my prep. I told her the saltwater was making me nauseous and she suggested I try a nose clip -- even giving me 2 of her own to keep! OK, this is like getting a magic wand from JK Rowling. It felt a little distracting at first, but the bliss of not having a faucet of cold salt water pouring into my sinuses and down my throat was truly a tiny miracle. It was a joy to swim next to Marcy in Dover Harbor - another memory of this place and time I'll always cherish.

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