Friday, February 28, 2014

Talking about Swimming

A friend of mine invited me to be a guest on her community radio talkshow to talk about my plans to swim the English Channel. Although I've been blogging about this for the past year and most of my family and friends know about it, it still seemed to be crossing a line to take to the public airwaves and declare my intentions.

You can click to hear the podcast on the KZUM website. Look for the title "Lincoln resident Molly Nance joins the program to discuss her decision to swim the English Channel and how she is preparing."

It was fun to share the experience with Sheila, the host, and if it inspires someone to try something they've been thinking about then my day is made.

Meanwhile, my training this week hasn't been the best. I'm still dealing with a cold and trying to get in some easy yardage so I don't get too far behind. I've had a busy schedule at work and no time for weights in the evenings. But, that's life and swimming is a priority, so I'll get it done. The English Channel doesn't care about my snot problems.

I mailed my registration forms to the Channel Swimming Association this week, too. This included contact info, a photo, a medical physical signed by my doctor and, of course, the registration fees. 

This is not only an investment of time and effort, but a substantial financial expense, too. I knew this would be an expensive adventure, but all the more reason I hope folks will click to donate to Madonna. I want the focus of this swim to be about the REAL heroes I see every day -- the patients working hard to regain their abilities after a devastating injury or illness. See that box over to the right? Yeah, click that to learn more about Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital and the patients you can help. Any amount is appreciated!

So now, all that's left is that pesky 6-hour qualifying swim. I'll get there!

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