Monday, June 10, 2013

Things to do while waiting for a shoulder injury to recover

Get your toes done with your daughter.

Go to high school graduation parties.

Eat slow smoked pulled pork.

Go to PT sessions.

Go biking on country roads.

Listen, and dance, to live music.

Host a scooter rally.

Get into shenanigans with good friends.

Eat spicy New Orleans kettle chips and drink beer.

I did get back in the pool starting the second week, but took it easy and didn't use pull paddles. I'm now starting the fourth week since the Pensacola race and it's time to get back into the daily swim. It's been fun living like a real person, but I have to return to the water if I'm going to have any chance of completing the Red River and other marathon swimming goals. The big goal. That cold English Channel goal.

I'll trade my evening walks for early morning swims, restock the beer fridge with Diet Coke and Gatorade, skip the kettle chips and grab the kale. And I'm excited about that!

It's good to have new beginnings. C'mon little swimmy shoulders. We got this.

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