Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cali Distance Week

The trickiest part of training to swim the English Channel in the middle of the middle of the United States is finding cold water to swim in. Since our lakes are still too cold (upper 40s, I'd guess from my wading above the knees last Thursday), I do a lot of stationary laps in the "hot tub" at one of the pools I use for training. I know this looks creepy, but believe me, I am very fortunate to have access to such a perfect tub for long cold soaks.

I planned a training trip to La Jolla, California, back in January to complete my 6-hour qualifying swim for the Channel. La Jolla is one of the most beautiful and coveted places for open water swimming. The water temps are usually near 60 at the end of April. Usually. This year, however, has been unseasonably warm and the water is already at 64 degrees. I doubt it's going to get any colder by next month.

I emailed my friend Suzie who lives in San Francisco and asked if she knew of a place I could get my qualifying swim done. Suzie, the patron saint of open water swimmers, invited me to come to Aquatic Park and swim with her and her friends with the Dolphin Club and South End Rowing Club. She's going to help me get that 6-hour monkey off my back. How cool is that?! I changed our travel plans so we'll be in La Jolla for 3 days, then go to San Francisco for the rest of the week.

So now I'm getting a full week of ocean swimming in two beautiful places with great friends. Believe me, I know this is an amazing trip and I appreciate it! Paul will have to find something to do when not watching me swim. Hmmm, strolling the beach or site seeing in La Jolla? Or walking over to Ghirardelli Chocolate for samples or for crab cakes at Fisherman's Wharf? Actually - that's what I'D do if I wasn't swimming. Paul will probably find the science and history museums and the local brewpubs.

Until then, I'm following my training plan. This was my longest weekly yardage of swimming all year - 46,650 yards. And I'm feeling it. Next week is a rest week, which doesn't mean I get to take the week off, but the total for the week will be 30 to 35,000 yards.

Speaking of rest - it's time to get to bed.

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  1. I don't remember where I found your blog, but find it inspiring! Keep up the great work. And for your hubby, while you're swimming in San Diego, tell him to hit Stone Brewery or many of the 50+ other local breweries. It's a great spot for them. Or if he's feeling educational, he should hit Scripps Aquarium near LaJolla. Tons of stuff to do there. Good luck to you! - Kari