Sunday, April 21, 2013

Busy week

It's been a busy week with lots of extracurricular activities, making it harder than usual (which is pretty hard on its own) to fit in planned workouts. But that's probably OK, since open water swims rarely go as planned. I did manage to swim every day since Tuesday, so that's good.

We had a swim meet yesterday and my goggles dropped down to my neck at the start of both of my races. I was blind as a mole digging for daylight. It was ridiculous. I guess Dara Torres won't worry about me breaking her records until the next meet.

I did some weight work this week, too. It takes an act of God to get me to the gym to lift weights, so somebody must have been praying for me. Thanks Mom. I survived kettlebell class (Paul calls it cripplebell class) and did some free weights and sit-ups and whatnot, too. I'm sure it will help increase my strength and I need every bit of strength and endurance I can muster.

We had a wonderful engagement party on Friday night for my friend Jen and her fiance Alan. I don't think my daily workouts covered the brie, salami, smoked salmon and chocolate cookies with mint chips. Don't care. Totally worth it!

Today, I swam 5000 this morning and then biked 13 miles with a friend from the Great Plains Bicycle Club. It was an event I agreed to lead, but only Tony showed up. I can see my popularity with that group could use some improvement. We braved hurricane force wind gusts and lots of hills. Extra credit.

On Wednesday, I fly to Los Angeles for ocean swim camp with Anne Cleveland. This will be a preview to channel swimming -- brisk 60 degree water, waves, salt and sea creatures. Bring it on!

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